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How to create a kid friendly Thanksgiving table




Thanksgiving is quickly approaching which means friends, family, and food. This year prepare a kids friendly table with our placemat to let your kids show off their creative side and their gratitude at home or in class!



Check out these FUN Thanksgiving ideas for kids! 

Have a kids table-

Prepare a separate table for the younger kids. Have tables and chairs that are scaled down to their size, this will allow kids to reach their food and make them feel comfortable.

Create a table setting that is fun and kid friendly-

A kid friendly table setting is easy for set-up, clean-up, and it will keep kids entertained. This year say goodbye to linens and cover the table with kraft paper and set out the crayons. Take it a step further and create a kid friendly centerpiece. A pumpkin is a great centerpiece idea, you can even let the kids draw on it or have them turn it into a turkey by having pre-cut pieces of construction paper and let them glue the pieces onto the pumpkin. Another great way to get kids excited is to have them find their own seat by having a leaf as a place-card. Grab leaves from your backyard and write their names on the leaves with a gold or silver sharpie. Set the table with festive napkins, plastic plates, cups, and silverware with our interactive placemat.

Click here to view our free printable Thanksgiving placemat for kids. Easy to download and print.

Serve Kid Friendly Foods and Drinks-

This year make sure you have kid friendly Thanksgiving dishes. Also, remember kids are more likely to try foods when they help prepare them, so this year let your little chefs assist you!

Make sure to have snacks for the kids while you finish cooking. For example, popcorn is quick to make and tasty. Have a healthy drink medley like a sparkling apple and cranberry cider. For their meals make sure not to overwhelm their little appetites and down-size their portions. A great idea that is sure to be a hit for your kids is turkey nuggets. Last but not least, finish the meal with a fun festive dessert like a fruit turkey!

Do you still need Tips + Inspiration for the holidays? Click here to be inspired by our Pinterest.

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