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Meet the Parents Holiday Do’s and Dont’s




There are 4 days left till Christmas! This year we will spend Christmas with my husband’s family. Thankfully, I hit the in-law jackpot! I absolutely adore the family I married into and they are more than in-laws, they’re just family! Last year my mother-in-law arranged holiday pictures for us! Enjoy our family holiday picture from last year!

Will you be meeting your partner’s family for the first time over this holiday season? Here are a few do’s and dont’s on how to survive meeting the parents this holiday season.

Make yourself useful –

Offer to help as much as possible. Can you assist with setting the table, clear the dishes, walk the dog, etc. This will not only make the time go faster, but you will also receive rave reviews from the family when you leave!

Don’t get too chummy  –

Your partner’s family wants to get to know you, but remember this isn’t taxi cab confessions. In conversations, be honest while retaining the foresight of censorship. This will get you far in the family-dating game.

Go with the flow –

Let go of your idea of what a holiday celebration with family should look like or any other preconceived notions of your partner’s family. Families celebrate the holidays in many ways. The more you go with the flow and embrace his/her family, the better time you’ll have and the family will get to warm up to you.

Don’t cling  –

Let your partner know that it’s okay for them to navigate through the room from time to time, without you hanging on his/her are the entire time. Show some interest in getting to know your partner’s family. You’re an adult! You’re great! You’ve got this!

Ask questions –

Do a little homework about your partners family before arriving for family dinner. This will help you be ready for the dynamics of the family conversation. It will also help take the attention from you, if you ever feel like you’re being grilled. You’ll be equipped with questions to ask and be able to show an interest in their lives.

Photographer: Melissa Joy Photography


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