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10 tips the night before the wedding




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Are you wondering what to do or how to prep the night before your wedding day? Check-out these “Night Before Wedding Tips” by our Style Perfect Intern, Anya.

1. Do a face masque: On your wedding day there will be a lot of makeup applications, so you’ll need the best skin as possible to pull off the ultimate glow. A masque will clean up any blemishes, deep clean your pores and moisturize any dry spots. Think of it as a final buff for your face. If you have bridesmaids staying with you for the night, face masques are also fun!

2. Drink plenty of water: Water will help to flushes out any toxins from the body and will make your skin hydrated.

3. Don’t drink: There will be plenty of time to celebrate on your wedding day, but don’t start off hung over or worse, bloated. Stick to water the night before and you’ll slip right into that beautiful dress.

4. Set a bedtime: We know you’re giddy with excitement, but you really do need to get some rest. Set a bedtime, let other people know about it and stick to it. Obviously, you’ll feel amazing after a good night’s sleep, but quality rest will guarantee you won’t have puffy skin, bags under your eyes or anything else that may interfere with your wedding look.

5. Don’t use social media: The most exciting part of a wedding is the big reveal when the bride finally enters the ceremony and walks down the aisle. You want to hear everyone oohing and aahing, so don’t give them a pre-game show with constant status updates. Fall off the radar for a day or so in order for everyone to truly appreciate you as a bride.

6. No texting with the husband: In some cultures, women don’t even get to meet their husbands before their wedding, so cutting off all communications with your man the night before shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. Again, you want your entrance as a bride to be as grand as possible, so no texting, calling, etc. until you see him in all your bridal glory. He’ll appreciate it probably more than you will ever know.

7. Write a letter to your husband: You’re about to spend the rest of your life with this man, and you may have a few thoughts about that. While you’re winding down for the night, write a letter to your husband and let him know how you feel about embarking on a new adventure together. Have someone deliver it to him before the ceremony.

8. Have one final meeting with wedding planner: Go over your timeline and maybe put in some final requests: what you’ll need at the salon, who to call if a vendor needs help, etc. At this point the day is in the planner’s hands, so you can mentally dislodge a bit.

9. Check-in for your honeymoon flight: The earlier you check in the better because there is a chance you could get upgraded. You’ll also be alerted if there are any delays or cancellations.

10. Watch a goofy, wedding romantic comedy with your girls: You’re never too old for a sleepover, and the night before your wedding is the perfect time for a girls-only party. You’ll have to keep the snacks on the healthy side, but line up some wedding-related chick flicks like Father of the Bride or My Big Fat Greek Wedding and get into the wedding zone.

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