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When it comes to gentlemen’s wedding accessories, shoes are one of the favorite accessories. Ladies, shoes are men’s best friend too! It baffles me that when men have the opportunity to be themselves and show off their style, on what may be the most important day of their life, the large majority continue to wear the “uniform” look that has been created by the social standard. Now don’t be mistaken, there is nothing wrong with wearing the “black suit look” with a pair of tux shoes when you are getting married but when you are wearing it because you think that is what you are supposed to wear, it then becomes a misrepresentation. You should wear something that says look this is my style! You don’t have to fallow the “uniform” trend but stand out from everyone else and make a bold statement. As long you are still respecting the elegance of the wedding ceremony.


Photographer: Milanes Photography

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