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How to Plan a Virtual Bridal Shower















Not being around friends and family due to social distancing is hard, but love is not cancelled. Instead of cancelling, go virtual! We’ve gathered some tips and tricks to plan a virtual bridal shower.

How do virtual bridal showers work?

Select an Online Venue. 

Just like a regular bridal shower, you have to pick a location. Look into these virtual spaces: Group FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, or Google Hangout. Some of your attendees may not be very tech-savvy so you want to pick one that is simple for everyone to figure out. Once you select your perfect online venue, make sure all the attendees have it downloaded and ready to go!

Group FaceTime: With Group FaceTime just send out a group text when it’s time to log on and hit the FaceTime button in your group message. Every one should start to pop up. The only tricky thing with Group FaceTime is that everyone has to have an Apple device such as an iPhone, iPad, or MacBook.

Zoom: Zoom is super convenient because it is free and can hold up to 100 people at a time. All you need is internet connection and a device to connect with everyone. The host must set up a unique ID and password and must send it out to all of the attendees, usually via email. Keep in mind that with Zoom’s free version, you are only allowed 40 minutes, so time management is very important.

Skype: Skype is free as well but only allows up to 50 people at a time. All you need is an internet connection and a device to connect with everyone. The Skype meeting is not password protected.

Google Hangout: Google Hangout only works if you have a Google/Gmail account. This is great for smaller parties because Google Hangout video calls have a maximum of 10 devices. But if you want to audio call, you may have up to 250 attendees at a time!


Send a Virtual Invitation.

After picking your online venue, you have to send out invitations. Digital invitations are already very popular, so you’ll just have to select a design. Our fave website for digital designs and invitations are Paperless Post, Canva, Evite and Etsy. Once you pick the perfect invite design, you can send out your invitations either via email, text message or even Facebook. However, if you prefer to send a traditional physical invitation, please make sure you send the invite at least six weeks before the virtual shower to allow guests enough time to check their mailbox. Don’t forget to also send a virtual or traditional hand-written thank you note following the virtual bridal shower. Etiquette rules still stand even for a virtual shower.


Decorate your Space.

Find an area in your home to set-up your virtual shower. Gather all of your decor in one place, where you’ll be seated or standing. Think balloons, garland, backdrops or even set-up and stage ALL of the gifts you’ve received thus far for a fun display. In the warmer months, you can keep it simple and set-up in your backyard or porch and let nature serve as your backdrop. Have fun with decorating your small virtual space! The paid version of Zoom has fun backdrops you can use.


Get Creative with Activities and Games!

There are different activities and games to make your virtual bridal shower fun and unique! Here are a few of our favorite.

Going down memory lane: Before everyone jumps on the call, you can send out a message and remind all your friends to find an object or a story that reminds them of you! When the call starts you can all take a turn and tell the story and reminisce on old times! Nothings better than those bittersweet moments or ones that make you smile and laugh!

Participate in an at home workout/yoga session: This one is for you gym junkies! In the invitation, let your friends know to come to the chat ready to sweat! You can find workouts from your local gym or find a workout of your liking on YouTube and stream it!

Game night & cocktails: Who doesn’t love a good game night? You and your girls can pull out some Cocktails and get comfy behind your screens. There are a variety of options including Heads Up, Pictionary, and Charades!

Get crafty in the kitchen: You can pick a dish for everyone to create with just the ingredients they currently have in their kitchen to show off the final result on the call!

Open gifts together: When it comes to virtually opening gifts and gift-giving, there are different ways to go about this! You could either have your friends send you gifts in advance for you to open them on the call or you could have your guests hold onto their gifts and show off the gift they purchased for you on the call and then send it to you at a later date. A combination of both is also fine.


Don’t forget to have fun with whatever you do and get ready to make the best memories with your family and closest friends! Would love to hear how your virtual bridal shower went? Please email us the details at

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