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Valentine’s Day Dinner for Two




I really like the idea of a Valentine’s Day dinner at home. It gives you the opportunity to surprise and delight your partner with a little creative transformation of your space. Here are a few tips for a simple and romantic dinner at home for Valentine’s Day or any special occasion.
  1. Add some fun to the evening by creating a date night jar together. Take turns writing down fun activities that you’d like to do together, they don’t have to be fancy or expensive, just fun ways to enjoy each other’s company. Now, when you’re ready for a date, pull out an idea and see where you’re off to!
  2. Surprise your partner by rearranging your space to create a romantic table for two. Take the leaf out of your dining room table, set a table in front of the fireplace or move your love seat or settee to the dining room table for a fun and intimate seating arrangement.
  3. Plan a 3-4 course meal. Take your in-home dining experience to the next level by starting the evening out with an appetizer or charcuterie board, followed by soup or salad, the main course and dessert.
  4. What’s for dessert? Here’s a great dessert hack. You can dress up any grocery store cake by adding flowers, a cake topper or smoothing out the traditional piping and birthday ruffles using a cheese or butter knife to give the cake a more modern look.
  5. Flowers and candles are a must for any romantic dinner and grocery store flowers are just fine. Keep it simple. Focus more on enjoying this time with your partner.


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